True and Sure Promises

—Ruby Bea Peters, CCC Member

Recently God transformed the landscape with snow. The kind that sat on the evergreen branches, gently weighing them down. It was beautiful. 

These types of snow days slow me down. I take time to notice, ponder, and sit in silence (by the fire of course). I am okay with this. 

Snow days about 20 years ago were anything but slow and ponderable. They were filled with rearranging the kitchen so that kiddos could go in and out and in and out the back door but upon entering take off the wet layer, put on dry clothes, grab a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie, and sit by the fire watching sparks fly when a log was put upon it. With the dryer constantly running, we were always looking for another pair of gloves or for one glove.  If the power went out, no worries because we'd hang a sheet up in the entryway to the den, bring down our warmest blankets and fluffiest pillows, "bake" cookies on the outdoor grill, and read Call of the Wild or White Fang! I was totally okay with those snow days as well.

As I was readying myself for this snow day, I “stumbled” upon several photo albums and a 1991 journal. I flipped through the journal and found a poem that I'd written to Walt, read about when I discovered that I was expecting Jay, and was reminded of the very busy days we lived with lots of travel, extended family pulls, and the constancy of ministry. Throughout that journal I did notice one theme:  Lord, I need You. Lord, I struggle to make time for You. Lord, I am so selfish. Lord, You are so good. Lord, I am tired. Lord, I pray for ____. Lord, thank You.

In each and every entry, I was writing to Him about His wonderful gifts: His presence, His goodness, His forgiveness, His Holy Spirit, His leading, His teaching, His care. I was confessing sin and living in His forgiveness. 

Thirty plus years later I am still hooked on that theme: Lord, I need You. Lord, I struggle to remember that You are ever-present with me. Lord, I’m selfish and prideful and struggle with unbelief (still digging at the root of the selfish sin and seeing deeper sin roots associated with it). Lord, You forgive me. Lord, You are so good. Lord, I am tired. Lord, I love to pray; please teach me to pray. Lord, thank You. 

His promises are true and sure: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7, 8

These promises of Jesus have been true in my life. He gave me a picture of that yesterday, and I know He will continue. He has covered me in His forgiveness and is transforming me daily.

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