Thank You and Update from the Burnhams

Bob Burnham

Hey Byron and the rest at Christ Community!

It was such a nice surprise to see your donation to our fund for helping Ukrainians, thank you so much! Part of the funds were sent to our friend Raisa, in Izmail, and she has already traveled to Bucharest for preparation of her heart surgery. She was raising funds as well, and has the full amount necessary now for this life-saving surgery - we can't thank you enough. We've already used the remainder of the funds raised to purchase gas masks, hygienic supplies for those still in dangerous places, food, and boxes of solar chargers for cell phones. These are critical for those in areas that have lost power so they can continue to let us know their location and needs. Friday morning we'll pack up and drive these things to George in Odessa, to be further distributed from there. We'd appreciate your prayer for wisdom and safety for George and the others who are still in Odessa. He's become somewhat of a St. Francis of Odessa - everyone is dropping off their animals with him! Thank you again for helping - we'll try to get an update out when we return.

Take care and God bless,

Bob & Andrea Burnham

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We just [beginning of May, '22] received this from Bob and Andrea Burnham, our Mission to the World missionary friends from Odessa, Ukraine.

Bob Burnham



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