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Excursus: Christianity and Gender

September 22, 2011 | by: Gretchen Logterman |0 Comments

For years, I tried to fit myself into the mold of "godly woman" with little success that I could discern. I divided my time between feeling like a phony and feeling like a failure. It was only when I stopped trying to be a woman and started opening my heart more and more to Christ that I actually grew as a woman.... Keep Reading

True Community in a Transient Town

September 7, 2011 | by: Pastor Byron Peters |0 Comments

"Local churches provide an enormous service to the town of Chapel Hill in creating and building meaningful community." ... ... "But true gospel community goes deeper than just mentorship and meals. Its basis is a common relationship with a living Person—Jesus Christ. United to Christ, Christians share a most important commonality: We are brothers and sisters, bound in covenant to one another across racial, socio-economic and gender lines."... Keep Reading

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